Rancho Pacific Electric, Inc. is a family owned and managed electrical contracting company, performing electrical and integrated systems construction and maintenance through-out Southern California.

Ray Robinson established Rancho Pacific Electric, Inc. in Southern California with the goal of providing our customers with the most competitive and highest quality turn-key product. In time Ray stepped down from his position with the company and handed it to his two sons Steve and David Robinson, who currently own and operate the business today. We attribute our continued success and ability to provide exceptional value to our customers as the result of:

  • Consistent commitment to electrical excellence
  • Dedication to project planning and innovative delivery methods
  • Commitment to assembling the best teams in the industry by bringing together the most experienced and highly skilled individuals and creating an environment that promotes collaboration within our teams and amongst our clients

At Rancho Pacific Electric, we believe in customer loyalty and continued relationships. With many of our customers we have continued to grow our business relationships by building on past projects and experiences.

With having over 50 years as a leader in the electrical construction industry we have established a reputation and have grown to be one of the most respected electrical contractors in Southern California. We have grown to service virtually all industries and markets and the primary goal of providing our customers with a competitive, high quality, turn-key product remains constant today.


Rancho Pacific Electric is extremely diverse in all types of construction, we can deploy specialized teams with the specific expertise for your type of project. The latest tools and technology are used to maximize productivity and at the same time, effectively manage time, resources and costs. These also help to enable us to recognize potential problem areas, develop solutions and make proper adjustments to keep schedules and budgets on track while maintaining the highest standard of safety and quality. Whatever your project, we’ve got a team in place with the expertise and capabilities to meet your specific needs and goals.

Rancho Pacific Electric, Inc. has developed a long list of loyal and satisfied customers by practicing one simple philosophy; combine unparalleled service, reliability, and competitive pricing. We serve our clientele with highly experienced, knowledgeable management, electricians and administration staff who offer front-line examples of our integrity, professionalism and dedication to excellent service.