About Us

Ray Robinson established Rancho Pacific Electric, Inc. in Southern California with a goal of providing customers with a competitive, high quality, turn-key product.  In time Ray stepped down from his position with the company and handed it to his two sons Steve and David Robinson, who currently own and operate the business.

 We believe in customer loyalty and continued relationships. With many of our customers we have continued to grow our business relationships by building on past projects.

Rancho Pacific Electric, Inc. has established a reputation of over 44 years as a leader in the construction industry and has grown to be one of the most respected electrical contractors based in California. Additionally, in response to customer needs, we have expanded our range of services to include specialists in a variety of markets and industry groups.

Rancho Pacific Electric's, personnel are available for jobs ranging from small projects requiring one person for one day, to major projects demanding multiple electricians for an extended construction schedule. Licensed Electricians are also dispatched for 24-hour emergency service.

We have grown to service virtually all industries and markets through-out Southern California and the primary goal of providing our customers with a competitive, high quality, turn-key product remains constant today.